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A Girl With A Secret by Katyok A Girl With A Secret by Katyok
This is teenage Anna, the heroine of my book Print In The Snow, re-shelled as a Ball Jointed Doll (Dollstown Ryan on the 18 y.o. body, customized by me).

A competitive athlete, down-to-earth and downright snarky, fourteen-year-old Anna is the girl least likely to lose herself in a fairy tale. Last winter she moved to New York City with her mother and new stepfather, resenting everything about her new life. To spite her mother, she defiantly snuck out to ski in the park (who does that?!), where she met another cross-country skier, an cute boy her own age, who had something of an unreal quality about him.

Against her better judgment, she followed him into what turned out to be a snow-covered netherworld inhabited by monstrous creatures known as Wyssun as well as by the Skiers who hunt them. She was accepted by the peculiar Skiers as one of their own, and became trapped in the Wyssun World. Run by elves, and not the nice kind, it was a confusing and dangerous place. Anna had to get back home before the fairy tale turned into a nightmare.

She pretended it was a bad dream, and all but forgot about it - except from then on, she can see the monsters for real. She can't tell anyone for the fear of being thought crazy. Now, she is a girl with a secret.

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JennyJump Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
She's beautiful
Katyok Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2013
Thank you! :)
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